Wednesday, October 14, 2009

its been a long long time

it has been a while since i have wrote anything. however life has been pretty busy the past few weeks. i am preparing to go to the promotion board in less than 3 weeks, so i have been studying for that. trips to and from storage getting our winter wear back out. trying to figure out where we will be living come february. stay as active on the bike and keep up with off season training. and balance a semi normal life with the wife, job, and everything else while having discovered Madden 2010.
I have made a new friend, Matt. he works with me in Alpha Company...better known to us who work there as "Alpha-traz." but this guy has gotten into cycling with me.. and is a natural. the dude is raw power and after two rides EVER has already shown me and a few others that he has what it takes to be pure awesome. the guy went on a 54 mile ride with me and flexy his FIRST ride. turned around and did a 48 miler the day after with me, Flex, and Andrew. These were not easy rides either, while they we're incredibly difficult either, they had some decent challenges in them with a couple long climbs (long for the tri-state region i mean), a few fast descents, and when ever you get me josh and andrew together, we boe our feathers up a bit and attack each other as fiercly and often as possible; so there was a lot of stomping on the pedals at high speed. he held up really well. he gets out of the army in april, but is considering going to school in dc, and if so is wanting to race for cyclelife. yea buddy.

anyways, its 530am right now, i just had some waffles, and im finishing up the last of my coffee. i need to leave for work tho. day 2 of primary. gym after. groceries after that. home by 830pm maybe. possibly in bed by 915. we'll see.

Friday, October 9, 2009


This has been a crazy month. upon coming back from SOA ive been introduced to firing party, in which i am a part of a full honors team that conducts 21 gun salutes in Arlington for funerals. we start that next week...
other than that at work ive started fairly moderately in the gym, trying to build a base to do some hardcore strength and power workouts in the coming winter. ive tapered off the bike a bit just to try to relax, and knowing what a busy season i will have next year ill be thankful ive had the rest now rather than try to make up for it later. my bike makes the weirdest noises... i keep tuning and cleaning it, but it still persists to make annoying sounds. i dont know what it is.
oh i failed to mention that i bought a new car too.. a 2008 toyota 4runner. its pretty sweet, it was a total random move and its gonna make money so tight, but i think it will pay off in the long run by how helpful it will be to have 2 cars. made some pumpkin pie tonight with sam so im pretty anxious for that to come out of the oven. and getting ready for a long ride tomorrow with flexy and a guy matt who im getting into cycling. so thats an update.
later on