Tuesday, March 31, 2009

long day

505am: wake up
515am: back in bed
535am: out of bed in the car headed to work
550am: get to work, cry a little, and part of me dies inside
630am: heading home...wondering why i had to go in at all?
650am: back in bed
750am: out of bed, down a bowl of cereal
810am: leave for work early enough to get ready
840am: work starts
1140am: lunch break
1240pm: back to work
330pm: training done at fort myer, head home to let the dog out
345pm: drive back to fort mcnair to do...what?
440pm: finally get released from mcnair for the day. (i didnt do a single thing there).
445pm: change in the car on the way to the rock park ride (its more a race) ((super fast))
515pm: ride starts
745pm: 48miles and some sore legs later, ride is over. i swear-above 30mph the whole time
750pm: back in the car to head home
815pm: still stuck in traffic
835pm: home finally. eating frenzy begins
845pm: fet. alfrado, chk nuggets, rice, nachos, and southwest chkn. im full
850pm: sam gets home. heart felt hug.
900pm: check email
920pm: write this post
next: shower, chug water, bedtime.
nuff said.... long day. 500am is gonna come too early
peace and love

Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Early

Amazingly i was able to get home before 4 o'clock today. WOOP! this was good, especially after a day of rifle manual at work, its good to be free of that torture. besides who wants to be at work all day when they have a lovely wife waiting at home for them...? well even if she is out walking the dog when you get home, so you don't see her for another half hour, but that's besides the point, and your picking up what i'm putting down.

the legs feel good today after yesterdays race. probably not going to brave the 25+ mph winds despite the 60 degree sunshine we are having. most likely going to hop on the trainer for a good 90 minutes and do some hill workouts. but really its just good to be home and have the afternoon off with the wife.

Nathan is 22 today, so if you know him wish him a happy birthday.
im outz
peace and love

Sunday, March 29, 2009

There is always a first

As of now, I am officially a blogger. i never thought id see the day, but here it is. perhaps i am like my father after all. i dont really care who reads it, or what their reactions are to my thoughts and words, but it is something for me to help recap what is going on in my life; whether it be me job, relationship with my wife, my on-going attempts at competitive cycling, or just random rants and raves (for instance the batteries in my compute mouse keep dying, and its really annoying; we all know how expensive dumb little batteries are, and you never have new ones when you need them). who knows, maybe i'll even post pictures from time to time. i'll try to write something everyday. starting today:

Today had 2nd race of the season today, out at Jeffersons Cup. there were some tricky rolling hills, and some fun decents. i about lost it on a corner when somebody cut into my line. all in all though, not too bad. some guys took a nasty spill in the bunch sprint. luckily i was able to avoid it and finish with the bunch. not the postion i wanted, but hey, its still early in the season.
now i have to get ready for another long week at work. unfortunatly weekends are only 48hours. someone should change that for everyone. they are even shorter when you dread going to your place of occupation every week....... sigh. well..... thanks for stopping by.
peace and love