Monday, April 6, 2009

Tysons Corner

Race on sunday went well. i sat in the pack the whole race except for one lap where i had a teammate dan go off the front solo to try to get a break going. i went to the front for that one and tried to block for him, but he lost the strenght and got swallowed up soon after. it looked like a good effort, but just didnt have the legs. coming in for the bell lap i moved back up to the front half of the group to get in position for the sprint. there wasnt too much organization near the last turn, so i knew it was gonna be a brawl sprint. coming around the last corner i was about 20 riders deep, and by the time i got back up to speed the first ten guys has already jumped for the line, but cause the last 800m to the line were uphill, they all died early, leaving us more patient ones open lanes to go for the win. i cruized by some of them, and made my jump at 200m to go, put a few more riders behind me and came in 7th at the line. wasnt a bad race. i felt happy with my result, but wonder that if i had gone with dan with 3 laps to go, if we could have held it off for a 1 and 2 win. that would have been awesome. maybe at syn-fit we can get another chance. they dont come that often.

went back to work today. not a bad day, its been raining off and on here. tomorrow is supposed to be cold. sam walked zoey and i went for a short recovery ride at hains point, and did a couple intervals.
oh, im gonna be starting college again soon, this summer probably. most likely physical therapy. merle maybe you can give me a job when sam and i move back. just know that i have to race a lot, so you may have to find someone to cover for me. lol
keeping my fingers crossed that we have a 4 day weekend this weekend.
not much else going on here. we made buffalo burgers and fries tonight, im full. ready for bedtime.
i love you all

Saturday, April 4, 2009

race results

friday was sam's birthday. she got her hair re-cut to a shorter and newer style as so its not so the same hair cut she's always had. it turned out really good. we got some cupcakes from cake love and had dinner at some hippy place... weird atmosphere, but interesting. good pininis.

had a race today in walkersville, md. it was 5 laps of an 8.3 mile loop of rolling hills. 1 somewhat difficult climb, an uphill kicker at the finish, but mostly stead rolling. 35mph wind. it was crazy. its not a tough course by any means, but the wind was insane. the second you loose your spot in the group your day is done. you cant get back on because it was so intense.
well right at the neutral start my chain pops off, so i have to jump off the bike, fix it, and burn a few matches sprinting back to the group. one the race started i was at the back of the pack because of the chain. had i not had that problem i think i would have had a different race. i worked my way through the pack to about 20-25 riders deep. i was sitting behind 3 other riders from my team, and feeling good. after 2 laps there was an established 5 man break with a 3 man chase, then the peleton, and riders coming off the back every minute or so. we had Jason in the 3 man chase, who eventually went on to bridge the gap, and turned the 8 men group into 2, and eventually went on to win the race. once we knew he had a shot as the gap opened, R1V slowed the pace of the group down, so we all tried to push to the front on the start of the 3rd lap. i made a bad decision and came out into the wind trying to get to the front. this was it for me. i came off the back of the group and the next 2 and a half laps i suffered in the wind, but eventually a large group of 20 or so riders that had come off the group had formed. i sat in this group and on the final lap made a good jump about 800meters away from the line and won the bunch sprint for the second group. not really for anything else but bragging rights and some fun. overall i didnt place too well, but rode well. when they post the placings for the cat 4 and cat 5 riders it may be different being that we were together but scored separately. ill let you know when that comes up.

got another race tomorrow morning at 8. so tonight just resting and watching a movie with the bride. jen, brett, mom, and dad, thanks for the bday gifts for sam and i. we got them and appreciate your love.
love you all

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Voluntold (Vol-uun-told) N. ADV. V. - 1)To be unwillingly or unknowingly forced to volunteer to participate or take part in any certain activity. this means the person has no choice other than to accept this service as their own. 2) to inquire if a person would be interested in participating in said activity. despite the individuals approval or disapproval or the activity, participation is required regardless.

today at work i was approached and "voluntold" that i was going to the armys air assault school because we needed guys to fill slots. lets back up a minute. the army offers its soldiers a wide selection of schools, courses, and classes to do a number of things ranging from giving them points to help with promotion, of just bragging rights to wear a particular skill badge.
well most of these schools are OPTIONAL. meaning you only go to them if you wish to. there is rarely a situation where a soldier is given a school date against his will..... unless you are in the old guard..... until today.

they tried to send me to air assault school, just cause they need bodies to fill slots. no way jose'. i dont wanna go to an army school, esp. with only 2 weeks notice! they are out of their minds. this just add one more thing to the list of things i hate about the army. blah.
i could go on for days about it. but rather not rant.

sam got her hair cut today, looks cute, but i think she wants something shorter and more wild. so i believe she is going to go back tomorrow and have them do what she really wants.
i had a decent 25 miles ride tonight, couple sprints, couple intervals. gotta get ready for this weekend. have like an 8 man squad for saturdays race. so hopefully we get some of that podium.
sam and i went out to eat at this fancy Italian place tonight. it was pretty yum. scallops, grilled calamari, celery soup, and pulled chicken salad with bread and dry martinis. it was a nice quite evening meal to which we got to talk and gaze into each others eyes. good food, pretty girl, what more could i want huh?
im off to bed. peace and love

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Its a notorious day for pranks and jokes. fortunately none were played on me, therefore i am happy. but had an okay day. work wasnt terrible, got off around 430, Sam got home 2 hours early, and we had a nice dinner and got to relax for a bit. good stuff.

My mother in law got a ten speed. how crazy is that. the woman who use to call us crazy for riding those things so far has now jumped on the ban-wagon. she says no now, but i give it 6months before she owns lyrca. even less than that before she has at least 2 jerseys. ive turned my wifes whole family into cyclist. i would give credit to aaron, but he knew all of them long before i, and he rode-and non of them did. and since i came along, 3 years, 4 new cyclists. sorry aaron, i love you, but the credit is all mine.

took the day off from training. yesterdays ride took its toll on my legs. hanging with cat 1 and 2 riders for 40+ miles is mad hard. so taking it easy was good tonight. i'll have a hard ride tomorrow, and easy spinning friday cause i have a race saturday and sunday. oh that reminds me. i need new tires. and ive seemed to miss-placed my money tree plant, so any donations are greatly appreciated.

sam's birthday is on friday! so if you havent gotten her something, start planning. (listen basquez SAMANTHA i mean Sam, NOT ZOEY!! Zo has enough clothes and toys. )
peace and love