Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Real Life

In fairy tales typically the hero always wins, the princess finds her prince, the cute talking animal turns into a beautiful person, or the bad guys falls or realizes his own demise and changes from antagonist to pro. id like to say that real life is the same way. But in all reality the only constant that we have is that God is the Hero that wins, He is the prince of peace, the true beauty in every living creature, and is the only on capable of turning bad into good. I am none of these things, but am redeemed by the blood of the lamb.
I learned a very valuable lesson this past weekend, and am still taking notes on what it is that i learned. Forgiveness, mercy, and the ability to see someone through eyes of love.
I wont get into any details, but my wife has shown so much compassion to me the past few days. I had put a lot on the line for us, and despite how much i had messed up and how very upset and hurt she was with me, she swallowed sadness and showed me love and mercy and forgiveness and in doing so we have started to grow closer together. again, i wont get into it, but i love her with so much ferocity and intensity and i will never forget who she is and what she deeply means to me. i owe my life to take care of hers.

Anyways, the lesson i have learned have been taken to heart and will not be forgotten. i had stepped aside briefly and she found me and brought me back to her, despite the hurt, despite the heartache, with prevailing love and kindness. she fought through the suffering to see the good in me and love me for who she knows me to be; sounds a little familiar to Jesus does it not? Samantha, you mean the world to me. i will never forget what you mean to me and what you have shown me the past few days. I will love you for all of time.

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