Friday, September 4, 2009

long weekend

well after a short 3 day week at work, capped with a 24 hour shift on wednesday, i am enjoying a 5 day weekend. much i believe is well earned. yesterday i slept pretty much all but 5 hours of the day, and today sam and i have hung out a lot and ive been wandering around thinking its saturday all day. i got out and road about 20 miles today, mostly pretty big hills, so, 1hr 45min of hills, pretty decent.

Tomorrow through monday im gonna hit it hard, hopefully with 80 miles tomorrow, some sprint intervals on sunday, and then a century on monday. My last ditch fitness effort before next sundays turkey day race.

Sam works all weekend so ill be mostly alone and on the bike. Im still bummed my PS3 is busted, so im trying to work that. um other than that, there are no other updates.....
well there is one, but i cant talk about it until next week. let the suspense build.

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