Monday, September 7, 2009

lazy day

so i literally sat inside all day except to take zoey out once or twice, the rest of the time i watched the veulta, then just now stage one of tour of Missouri. Cav one, and i got excited to start racing again. something about seeing circut races gets me fired up.

my riding wasnt what i thought itd be. i got about 40 miles in on me day off; 35 in on my planned 80; 64 in on my planned sprint interval day, and then 56 on me planned century. and today where i figured a group ride, i didnt nothing but sat in my pajamas all day.
so i still got about 280 miles in, but not in what i wanted to do. so now i am super tired and glad that i stayed in today. but it was rainy, so i didnt use "im tired" as an excuse, but rather the rain.

i dont have to be at work until 10 tomorrow morning. which is really awesome, but at the same time makes me wonder what time im gonna get off work... i am amping myself up for a really long and painful week.

i started looking at routes and cabins for the feb-march cycling training camp trip thing that andrew and i are planning... its gonna be relatively cheap and a lot of really good riding. im so super excited about it... really, im so anxious.
last race weekend is coming up on sunday, so i am excited about that, but the first weekend of spirit of america is this ya.. hopefully im not too tired for it.

much love

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