Monday, August 31, 2009


Well yesterday was a really fun day. Sam and i hung out with andrew and alyssa again, had some chili's, which is always amazing, but earlier that morning i went on a ride with andrews team, 540.
those are some pretty chill guys, and i like all of their attitudes. i really want to race with him, but this tiger still doesnt know which strips he is gonna wear next year. anyways, yea, its gonna be a huge season next year, and i plan on doing really really well, but its where, when, and how that is the question.

This week isnt gonna be so bad. i worked today, off at 5; work tomorrow, probably the same thing; i have a neurology appointment on wednesday afternoon, but am doing CQ wednesday night, then i go on a recovery day thursday, straight into a 4 day weekend. so i am off thursday through monday. pretty amazing. that gives me a lot of time to work for and train up for the turkey day race on the 13th, being that the tues-saturday prior i may get to ride once or twice.

but as for now, im gonna lay on the couch and watch stage 3 of the Vuelta. peace and love.

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